2017 Week 10 – Flying and Punting

I did some flying, but I watched someone punting – very briefly.  Punting can be a spectator activity (I have fallen into the water before now), but not this time.

First the flying.  I had not flown for 3 weeks, so I managed to wangle a trip solo for me to practise my skills before resuming instruction on a student pilot.

Aircraft cockpit and sky
Waiting for clearance to takeoff
Aircraft wing and clouds with sun.
Sunlit wing
Aircraft cockpit instruments and sky
In the climb


I had a brief coffee break from work which I took in the local town.  There was a copy of the day’s Times there with just the sort of news from which we all need a rest, at times; I didn’t smooth the page – we all know what it says without needing all the letters of the sentence:

Coffee and newspaper
Coffee and Trump

We had a visit on our H-pad during the week.  I caught a reasonable shot of the crewman watching for something – before the aircraft departed.

Puma at Henlow
Puma at Henlow

At the weekend I wandered again into Cambridge for an hour or so, hoping to get some reasonable shots.  On the way I stopped at the church in the village of Hatley:

Punt and people on the river next to a church and buildings in Cambridge
Cambridge punter
King’s College Chapel
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