2020 Week 14 – Getting used to it

The second week of “lockdown”; that’s in quotes because there is little to resemble being locked inside as it’s almost voluntary, so vague is the Prime Minister’s exhortation. It’s almost as if he a) doesn’t really know what we’re supposed to do or b) he doesn’t care and wants us to be a little confused or c) he’s embarrassed at having to prescribe almost personal situations.

I have little (that means no) respect for the man, his politics or his leadership.

Yellow tulip detail
Yellow Tulip Red Bar
Sourdough loaf
Wholemeal sourdough breat
Post Office Queue
Post Office Queue
Cottage in the woods
The Lodge at the entrance to an estate
Street from a drone
Village roofs
Sidewinder missile firing from Tornado
A Tornado GR1 firing a Sidewinder missile
Allotments from above
Allotments from above
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