2020 Week 17 – Different Views

It was a handheld shot, my X-E3 camera with a wideangle lens (XF16 ƒ 2.8) under the giant poppy – with the exposure and focus automatic I was relying on the camera to make it work and it did! I really like this shot, perhaps because when viewing it afterwards in Capture One Pro on my iMac I could see the tiny insects on the petals of the poppy.

And different views was the motive for my making a “tiny planet” of the panorama of my village of Gamlingay. I had to take advice from the Internet and it took a couple of attempts before I had eliminated the “join”, but my Mavic Air’s product looked suddenly almost perfect.

Different views became old views: quick iPhone scans of old photographs of rugby played in Calcutta in the 1970s, at the Calcutta Football and Cricket Club which is still going, I believe.

The outdoor hairdressing under lockdown conditions was a snatched shot, and the subject looked cheerful about it. The final shot, of allium bulgaricum is delicately coloured and lit – very pleasing.

A view upwards of a giant poppy
Under the Poppy
A view of our village made circular
Gamlingay Tiny Planet
Monochrome image of amateur rugby action
Rugby threequarters at full pelt.
Rugby teams pose in monochrome photo
Rugby group shot
Sky and trees in motion
Sky and trees in motion
Outdoor Hairdressing
Hairdressing outdoors during lockdown.
Pink allium flowers
Allium bulgaricum
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