2020 Week 20 – Cover Your Face!

I started lockdown with the firm conviction that a face covering would be a waste of time and comfort, but I was persuaded quite quickly that if everyone in enclosed spaces wore them, the risk of infection would be reduced. As well as the mutual confidence-boost that face coverings would bestow on gatherings, it would reduce the chance of a sneeze or a cough (or even a shout) by an infected individual leaving coronavirus hanging in the air in aerosol form. So my wife decided to make some. Initially, using the Government’s website, we tried the “official” dimensions but they were way too small, for either of us. So we bought one each from masksuk.com (a Huddersfield textile company) and made bigger coverings using old shirts or lunghis and they did the trick.

Large track-laying tractor squeezing down a narrow street.
A P-51 Mustang flying towards a blue sky
P-51 Mustang “Janie”
A P-51 Mustang flying towards the camera
P-51 “Marinell” Little Gransden air show in August 2011
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