2020 Week 23 – MOnochrome

It is so easy to use monochrome these days: no longer do I have to decide, as with film, before I start taking a photo, I can convert to monochrome at a whim using computer software. However, it is always worth setting up a mono shot first, aiming to use shades (of grey) and lines rather than colours. And having done so, there tends to be no distraction by colour, more concentration on the composition of an image. Indeed, one of my cameras, a Lumix TZ200, allows me to compose in monochrome whatever my final image will be.

Barbed wire frames a derelict industrial area
Industrial deadscape
A triptych of a milestone
A triptych of the milestone on the B1040 between Waresley and Eltisley, UK
A wide angle photo of a cornfield covered in red poppies, with the sun.
A wide angle photo in monochrome of a field with the sun
Poppies in Mono
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