2020 Week 6 – Meeting Old Chums

The Fin Fest took place in the Knights Templar pub in London on Friday 7 February. It was a chance to meet friends, colleagues, from a long time ago, but I missed it. Because I was having a leisurely lunch with some of those friends and it took rather longer than we anticipated. One of our number is losing his hearing, so he didn’t want to go into the very noisy pub where he would not be able to understand a word said to him. I wasn’t that keen to go to the pub because it is owned by arch-Brexiter Mr Martin; and anyway it was very pleasant eating and drinking in the Natural Kitchen restaurant, although the bill turned out to be a bit of a stinger . . .

After lunch, some wine left on the table.
After a lunch, with wine remaining.
Looking up at the skyline on a street in London
Building Angles on New Fetter Lane
Angular buildings on New Fetter Lane in London
New Fetter Lane in London looking towards the Maugham Library
Glass building in London with sun reflecting star shape
Lego building
Musical director pointing at singers arranged on risers.
Shannon Express singers
A yellow sports car on a road into a rural village with church tower visible
Lotus Elise drives into Hatley St George
A church viewed from above
Hatley St George church
Church viewed from the end of the roof ridge
Hatley St George Church
BMW car bonnet with soap suds
BMW car bonnet with soap suds
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