2020 Week 7 – Graves re-visited

I love this small church, situated in Cockayne Hatley, although I can’t recall having been inside. There is a grave outside for the crew of a Liberator which crashed nearby in September 1945; the marker is a slate carved in the shape of a wing, I reckon. And the grave of William Ernest Henley, author of ‘Invictus’ (among many other works) is there, with his wife and his young daughter.

Henley’s grave has a beautiful inscription:

I always find the inscription affecting: 

“So be my passing!
My task accomplish’d and the long day done,
My wages taken, and in my heart
Some late lark singing,
Let me be gather’d to the quiet west,
The sundown splendid and serene,

Another view of the grave is on my blipfoto journal.

Car wash, hot chocolate and biscuits.
A blonde whizzes into my frame . . .
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