2020 Week 9 – Smart?

We had our Smart Meter fitted this week. I have my doubts about its ability to save money, as claimed in the Government’s adverts, but we’ll see. At least it will eliminate the need to read the meter monthly.

In-Home Display for a Smart Meter
In-Home Display for a Smart Meter

Last week, on Valentine’s Day, madame gave me a delightful mobile for my office (which is really the Annex, which is really another bedroom with a sitting-room, kitchen and shower-room). It took a bit of assembly (who could have known) but it looks delightful to see ‘swallows” in flight near my desk.

Blurred model swallows on a mobile above the photographer
Flensted mobile of swallows.

A mini-burst (not as serious as a micro-burst :-)) near our village.

Rain and blue sky over green fields
Gentle Storm?
A device for checking eyes
Moorfields Device

Time to sit and contemplate Jesus Christ. Our church has a beautiful calm to it.

Church nave and reredos below a large crucifix
St Mary’s Church in Gamlingay
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