Week 28 – Old Ladies of the Air

Dropping in at Old Warden airfield, near Biggleswade, is often a rewarding pastime, particularly at the end of a day’s work.  Here are two old ladies, one a little punchier than the other: a Spitfire MkVC of the Free Czech Air Force and a Travelair 4000.

Fighter aircraft with engine compartment uncovered
Spitfire MkVC AR501
A biplane with two pilots
Curtiss-Wright Travelair 4000
A biplane about to land
Curtiss-Wright Travelair 4000

Week 26 – Sparse

My Fujifilm cameras have a double exposure facility which I have only recently started to try and to use.  Here’s a wind turbine scene treated that way.

Turbine double exposure

Week 22 – Hay Festival

A small blue flat with Hay written in white
Festival bunting

The Hay Festival has long been an object of some exoticism for us.  Finally we had a chance to spend a few days in the area and participate.  The talks were great, and this chap talked about the Glamour of Grammar, David Crystal signed my book, but I snapped this while in the queue.

A white-haired author signs one of his books
Author David Crystal signing . . .
David Crystal talks grammar

The book shop in the tent at the Festival site was spacious, as it had to be when there were long queues of people waiting to have their books signed by the willing authors. This chap had to sit while waiting . . .

A man with a white cap sits in the book tent at Hay
Book buyer waiting.

Normally I don’t like queueing, but my fellow audience members made for interesting subjects.

A girl makes up her cheese and biscuit lunch while standing in a queue
Eat as you queue

Week 21 – Abstract and Flight

I took my car to have the rear tyres replaced and set off for a coffee in my local supermarket.  While waiting I spotted this elderly couple sitting together and looking out of the window.  It was a special sort of moment, good or bad, and I snapped the scene.  I used a bit of processing to isolate the subjects further.  This was my 18-135 zoom on my Fuji X-T2.

A couple seated near a window
Dreaming, perhaps

And in the same week I took a favourite student of mine flying; it was her last flight and we enjoyed a celebratory photo afterwards.

Two pilots stand back-to-back in front of a white aircraft
Pilots young and old

Week 19 – sparse

I took much fewer good shots this week, but I kept up the shooting nonetheless.  This is ranunculus, I gather.


This seemed to be tempting curiosity somewhat, but I took the photo anyway.

iMac or Art?

We visited a pub in Kings Cliffe, the Cross Keys; this beer was locally brewed to the landlord’s specification and it was delicious!  The jar contained a sample for people to see how it looked before buying.

Cross Keys own brew

Week 18 – the start of Summer?

We were in Malmesbury for a few days, a lovely town in a beautiful part of England; I’ve long wanted to take a photo like this, rather like some of the archetypal scenes from the 1960s . . .

Dandelion clocks with sun setting
Dandelion field

A visit to Bath is something I haven’t for many years; it’s a beautiful place and the Abbey a great place to visit.  The floor of the Abbey is collapsing owing to the deterioration of the graves beneath it and some serious repair has to take place.  But in the meantime it still looks great.

Abbey with choir, congregation and West Front window
Bath Abbey with choir and congregation
Votive candles in Bath Abbey with one extinguished
Votive candle extinguished
A small chapel with cross in Bath Abbey
Birde’s Chantry Chapel

Finally, lunch at Le Comptoir Libanais was well worth it, both for the food and for the visual impression.

People at table in a colourful restaurant
Colourful  lunching

Back to Westonbirt arboretum and I had a go at twisting the camera during a longish exposure.

Circular movement of bluebells
Spin with a long exposure

Before finding this charming couple at the restaurant, clearly enjoying each other’s company . . .

Two people, dressed in denim, smiling
Caught Couple

Week 13 – Northamptonshire and flowers

I drove home from Wittering on Friday taking the long way.  It was a beautiful route through parts of Northamptonshire.  I’ve long flown over Oundle and wanted to visit; it’s a lovely small town.  Here is a café, with a variety of customers . . .

Oundle Café

I spotted several beautiful churches on the way, but this was delightful and was close to the main road.  It’s the Church of St Swithin at Old Weston

Church with spire
Country church with spire

Our garden is looking increasingly beautiful with the onset of Spring.  The gardener is keen on nature, and the tulips are looking great, as is a cherry tree (from which we harvest no cherries – the birds always beat us to it).

I’m giving Nature a Home3
Tulip composite
Cherry blossom
Cherry Blossom


2017 Week 4

There was a protest in our village, in support of a hedge.  Actually the hedge was only part of the protest, a symbol of what might be lost in the event of unconstrained housing development which both extended the village and which lost us an ancient hedge.  So we had a photo call for the local newspaper  in preparation for another hearing by the District Planning Committee.  The chap at the stepladder is the photographer for the newspaper.

Villagers pose for the photographer in front of a hedge
Gamlingay hedge protest


A visit to London is always going to be good for some different photos, and Elephant and Castle, where there is a fair amount of development under way, was a case in point.  Here is Strata Tower, a residential building with its own wind turbines in the top (not shown here).  It’s a shame that the turbines may not be used because the vibration disturbs the residents in the higher flats.   I liked the juxtaposition of cranes and architecture.

Strata Tower and cranes

And a visit to family was the reason for my presence in London.  Grandma reads to two small brothers.
















But then Grandma stole one away to stay with her for a couple of days – Mum and Dad get a rest.

Walking to the bus stop.















And on the way back to the station, we crossed the Thames, normally an attractive scene.  This is Blackfriars Bridge, looking west.

river, boats and skyline.
The river Thames in London







2017 Week 2

I normally ask permission of someone like this before taking a photo, unless I think that they aren’t aware; this chap wasn’t yet playing and he was aware – hence the rather baleful stare, perhaps.

Cambridge – busker

I never tire of this scene.  I must have many instances, but this is the first time that I’ve adjusted the keystone distortion caused by a tilted camera.  I adjusted it in Phase One’s Capture One Pro (v10).

Cambridge Market

I admit that I was trying to catch a candid of this friend in the Pig and Falcon pub, in St Neots.  But I forgot that I had set my AF to Manual so he is out of focus . . .  my story now is that I was interested in the lists of beers in this excellent beer pub.  The current landlord has removed the kitchen and it is now a stills room where casks can be conditioned prior to tapping and pouring.  There are many beers here, something for everyone.

Person and lists of beer.
Lists of beer in the Pig and Falcon, St Neots

The last pig in the Pig and Falcon’s décor.

Pig and Falcon décor

The moon was full this week.  I took this shot of Shuttleworth House (where is housed the Shuttleworth Collection of historic aircraft) just before the full moon.  I think that the term is “waxing gibbous”.

Shuttleworth House