My First Micro Pub

I don’t suppose that I had heard of the micro pub before I saw one in Ely over the weekend.  The Drayman’s Son was a small, comfortable place with excellent ciders (we tried Jonagold and Silly Ewe).  We’ll have to go back to check more of them, and to try the beers.

Drayman’s Son beers

The town of Ely, “Ship of the Fens” is a fine little place.  You can see the cathedral from miles away owing to the flatness of the surounding land and the elevation of the town.  Villages and towns developed on higher ground because much of the Fens, the lower elevations, was under water – until Dutch engineers finished off the job of draining the marshes from 1650 onwards.

Ely canal port

Finally, I caught a couple of mannekins at work this week.  One looked so lifelike that I thought it was a person.  I’ve spent a lot of my life strapped up like this . . .

aircrew protection
aircrew protection

2017 Week 10 – Flying and Punting

I did some flying, but I watched someone punting – very briefly.  Punting can be a spectator activity (I have fallen into the water before now), but not this time.

First the flying.  I had not flown for 3 weeks, so I managed to wangle a trip solo for me to practise my skills before resuming instruction on a student pilot.

Aircraft cockpit and sky
Waiting for clearance to takeoff
Aircraft wing and clouds with sun.
Sunlit wing
Aircraft cockpit instruments and sky
In the climb


I had a brief coffee break from work which I took in the local town.  There was a copy of the day’s Times there with just the sort of news from which we all need a rest, at times; I didn’t smooth the page – we all know what it says without needing all the letters of the sentence:

Coffee and newspaper
Coffee and Trump

We had a visit on our H-pad during the week.  I caught a reasonable shot of the crewman watching for something – before the aircraft departed.

Puma at Henlow
Puma at Henlow

At the weekend I wandered again into Cambridge for an hour or so, hoping to get some reasonable shots.  On the way I stopped at the church in the village of Hatley:

Punt and people on the river next to a church and buildings in Cambridge
Cambridge punter
King’s College Chapel