Week 39 – A lucky find

I drive home on different routes, but sometimes I drive past Old Warden airfield, home of the Shuttleworth Collection.  Before I reached the gate I could see and hear an interesting engine which turned out to be that of a Hurricane – one of the three of the Collection.

Hurricane fighter taxying
Hurricane Mk 1 P3717

The Hurricane had been flying with this delightful machine, a DH89a Rapide. This venerable old lady has been around a good while and it’s amazing to me to consider calling it an airliner, so small and delicate is the machine, so limited its capacity for passengers.

Shuttleworth – DH89a Rapide
Biplane twin-engined airliner in pale blue
Shuttleworth – DH89a Rapide airliner

Week 16, early bluebells

When bluebells bloom in our woods (we have 5 or so ancient woodlands near us) it brings more visitors to see the sights.  Unfortunately, some of the visitors let their dogs loose to trample the flowers, while others walk through the patches to get a better photo, each of which activities can ruin a patch of bluebells for later visitors; but I managed to get to Waresley Wood before too many new paths had been trodden.

Bluebells in woods
Waresley Wood bluebells
Bluebell cluster
Bluebell closeup in Waresley Wood

Two small people whom I know quite well also enjoyed a walk in the woods.

Two small boys walk along a path in the woods, bluebells behind.
Little boys in the woods

And I happened upon a practice flying day at Old Warden airfield, near Biggleswade.  It’s the home of the Shuttleworth Collection.

Second World biplane on the grass at Old Warden airfield
Polikarpov Po2 at Old Warden
A second world war monoplane on the grass
Lysander at Old Warden airfield

2017 Week 10 – Flying and Punting

I did some flying, but I watched someone punting – very briefly.  Punting can be a spectator activity (I have fallen into the water before now), but not this time.

First the flying.  I had not flown for 3 weeks, so I managed to wangle a trip solo for me to practise my skills before resuming instruction on a student pilot.

Aircraft cockpit and sky
Waiting for clearance to takeoff
Aircraft wing and clouds with sun.
Sunlit wing
Aircraft cockpit instruments and sky
In the climb


I had a brief coffee break from work which I took in the local town.  There was a copy of the day’s Times there with just the sort of news from which we all need a rest, at times; I didn’t smooth the page – we all know what it says without needing all the letters of the sentence:

Coffee and newspaper
Coffee and Trump

We had a visit on our H-pad during the week.  I caught a reasonable shot of the crewman watching for something – before the aircraft departed.

Puma at Henlow
Puma at Henlow

At the weekend I wandered again into Cambridge for an hour or so, hoping to get some reasonable shots.  On the way I stopped at the church in the village of Hatley:

Punt and people on the river next to a church and buildings in Cambridge
Cambridge punter
King’s College Chapel

2017 Week 5

We’ve had a misty or foggy week, pretty similar to the previous week, but now it’s getting serious: flying is out of the question when the visibility is this bad.  And this old bird has been grounded since the 1950s, as I understand it.  I flew Hunters, single and two-seat, as part of my training, and I’d love to see this one fly again  – preferably with me at the controls . . .

Hunter gate guardian
Jet fighter
Hunter gate guardian


I had another visit to London a couple of days ago, this time on the occasion of a reunion – to see old friends and colleagues after many, many years.  Again, London provided plenty of opportunity for different photos:

King’s Cross people
London pub – outside drinkers
Seen on the street


And here is the scene at the venue for the reunion: a former bank is now a pub with a large ground floor – plenty of space for a group of friends and colleagues to reminisce.  We’ve known each other for many years; the beer was good, the stories better than ever.

Knights Templar – Fin Fest

2017 – a year for images – week 1

This will be my year for images.  Too long have I slacked and lazed with unused cameras and lenses.  No more!


Aircraft propellor with red spinner and nose.
The propellor of a Chipmunk aircraft.
aircraft and people
The owner of a Cessna 120 washes his aircraft after a period of stowage
Aircraft in darkening sky
The sun has set as this small aircraft makes its approach