2017 Week 4

There was a protest in our village, in support of a hedge.  Actually the hedge was only part of the protest, a symbol of what might be lost in the event of unconstrained housing development which both extended the village and which lost us an ancient hedge.  So we had a photo call for the local newspaper  in preparation for another hearing by the District Planning Committee.  The chap at the stepladder is the photographer for the newspaper.

Villagers pose for the photographer in front of a hedge
Gamlingay hedge protest


A visit to London is always going to be good for some different photos, and Elephant and Castle, where there is a fair amount of development under way, was a case in point.  Here is Strata Tower, a residential building with its own wind turbines in the top (not shown here).  It’s a shame that the turbines may not be used because the vibration disturbs the residents in the higher flats.   I liked the juxtaposition of cranes and architecture.

Strata Tower and cranes

And a visit to family was the reason for my presence in London.  Grandma reads to two small brothers.
















But then Grandma stole one away to stay with her for a couple of days – Mum and Dad get a rest.

Walking to the bus stop.















And on the way back to the station, we crossed the Thames, normally an attractive scene.  This is Blackfriars Bridge, looking west.

river, boats and skyline.
The river Thames in London







2017 Week 3

Cold mornings persist this month, with high pressure dominating the weather for most of the week.  That means misty or foggy starts with beautiful sunrise or sunset colours, with no cloud to obscure the sun.  Here is my favourite wind farm, taken as I travelled north for some flying on Friday.

Graveley wind turbines

I had a tour of Cambridge earlier in the week, courtesy of the “Treasure Trail”.  The tour was enjoyable and interesting and of course there were photo opportunities.  I was sad to see that a couple’s life was outside in the cold.

Bed for the homeless

King’s Parade, next to King’s College, is always a great place to get decent images.  I used a Lumix GM5 for this shot, with no hood on the lens; the effect works pretty well, I think.

King’s College

Sundials abound in Cambridge, and here is a rather beautiful example, at one of the colleges of Cambridge University.

Honour gate sundial, Gonville and Caius College

2017 Week 2

I normally ask permission of someone like this before taking a photo, unless I think that they aren’t aware; this chap wasn’t yet playing and he was aware – hence the rather baleful stare, perhaps.

Cambridge – busker

I never tire of this scene.  I must have many instances, but this is the first time that I’ve adjusted the keystone distortion caused by a tilted camera.  I adjusted it in Phase One’s Capture One Pro (v10).

Cambridge Market

I admit that I was trying to catch a candid of this friend in the Pig and Falcon pub, in St Neots.  But I forgot that I had set my AF to Manual so he is out of focus . . .  my story now is that I was interested in the lists of beers in this excellent beer pub.  The current landlord has removed the kitchen and it is now a stills room where casks can be conditioned prior to tapping and pouring.  There are many beers here, something for everyone.

Person and lists of beer.
Lists of beer in the Pig and Falcon, St Neots

The last pig in the Pig and Falcon’s décor.

Pig and Falcon décor

The moon was full this week.  I took this shot of Shuttleworth House (where is housed the Shuttleworth Collection of historic aircraft) just before the full moon.  I think that the term is “waxing gibbous”.

Shuttleworth House

2017 – a year for images – week 1

This will be my year for images.  Too long have I slacked and lazed with unused cameras and lenses.  No more!


Aircraft propellor with red spinner and nose.
The propellor of a Chipmunk aircraft.
aircraft and people
The owner of a Cessna 120 washes his aircraft after a period of stowage
Aircraft in darkening sky
The sun has set as this small aircraft makes its approach