Week 15 and Easter is here . . .

Easter for Christians consists of a culmination of the 40 days of Lent with a celebration of Christ’s death and resurrection.  It is the most important period of the Church’s calendar.  Our church, a Roman Catholic church in Biggleswade in the UK, celebrated the 3 days of the Triduum in fine style, but here is the simple cross on display after the Resurrection Mass.

The Cross of Easter

In the garden the flowers are blooming.  We have mixtures of tulip colours and the medley is very effective in adding glorious colour to the garden.

Tulip with droplets
Victoria and tulips –Zuiko 135/2.8-f4
Tulips — yellow_red_white_pink

And finally, here is a sight that pleases me greatly: my wife’s wonderful sourdough bread, with a little taken off to check that it’s still good  . . .

Sourdough bread

Week 14 – A trip to the City of London

I’m at an age where birthdays are less important than the indication that time is passing – way too quickly; but my wife treated me to a photographic expedition with lunch.  We travelled to the City of London to the address 20 Fenchurch Street, otherwise known as the Walkie Talkie.  She had booked a trip to the Sky Garden, on the 36th floor.  This is over 500ft above ground and gave us an excellent view of London, from Canary Wharf to our east, through the Shard and Strata Tower and the Thames to the smarter parts of London to our west, seeing both south and north banks of the Thames, along with many of the bridges.

London to the south of the river
Shard and lesser towers
A view south of London from 500ft up.
South of the Thames from 20 Fenchurch Street
People viewing the Thames form 500ft above ground
Thames from Sky Garden

It was a great place to be with a camera and I had my newly acquired Fujifilm X-T2.  Photographically the light was quite difficult: the glass of the building, the sun through the haze and the time of day contrived to make everything appear bluer than was natural.  I used Capture One Pro (from Phase One software) to adjust the colour tone so that it’s the sort of scene that I remember.  I didn’t adjust an image of 20 Fenchurch Street from street level, except to add one in monochrome:

A curved building soars towards the sky
The building at 20 Fenchurch Street, London
A curved building soars towards the sky
The building at 20 Fenchurch Street, London

After a great lunch in the Darwin Brasserie (for which we needed a bank loan), we walked to St Paul’s Cathedral, where some sort of wedding function was under way.  I think that this (very young) couple were using the venue for some romantic shots for their album; we saw no guests:

A young couple pose in wedding dress
Posing at St Paul’s Cathedral
A young couple poses for a photo
Posing at St Paul’s Cathedral
A young couple in wedding dress running towards a photographer.
A wedding photo on the run

We finally reached the South Bank of the Thames, to meet our son and his family; they posed reasonably willingly:

Parents with their two children next to the Thames
A young family and an ice cream.

Week 13 – Northamptonshire and flowers

I drove home from Wittering on Friday taking the long way.  It was a beautiful route through parts of Northamptonshire.  I’ve long flown over Oundle and wanted to visit; it’s a lovely small town.  Here is a café, with a variety of customers . . .

Oundle Café

I spotted several beautiful churches on the way, but this was delightful and was close to the main road.  It’s the Church of St Swithin at Old Weston

Church with spire
Country church with spire

Our garden is looking increasingly beautiful with the onset of Spring.  The gardener is keen on nature, and the tulips are looking great, as is a cherry tree (from which we harvest no cherries – the birds always beat us to it).

I’m giving Nature a Home3
Tulip composite
Cherry blossom
Cherry Blossom


Week 12 – Children and Car Wash

I relented and had my car washed in the “Hand Car Wash” of the nearby village.  It wasn’t cheap, but at least it took little time from dirty to clean, inside and out.

Old car wash
Two men wash a car
The new way
BMW wash

I forgot to get a shot of the clean car, but over a week later I’ve made little mess on the car and the wheels look very good when they’re clean.

We had some relatives to stay for the weekend, some of them small.

Small girls
Laughter on the seesaw
Mono photo of a sleeping baby
A small boy asleep