Week 25 – an English Country Garden?

English country gardens are traditionally beautifully colourful, vivid with different flowers and plants and perhaps a little messy.  There was a competition at our local garden centre for which my wife asked me to take some photos.

Pink flower with leaves and bee climbing in
Bee and pollen with flower
Garden competition
Garden competition

But this hot-air balloon was merely something that I spotted near the A1, on the way to work one morning.

Hot air balloon


Week 22 – Hay Festival

A small blue flat with Hay written in white
Festival bunting

The Hay Festival has long been an object of some exoticism for us.  Finally we had a chance to spend a few days in the area and participate.  The talks were great, and this chap talked about the Glamour of Grammar, David Crystal signed my book, but I snapped this while in the queue.

A white-haired author signs one of his books
Author David Crystal signing . . .
David Crystal talks grammar

The book shop in the tent at the Festival site was spacious, as it had to be when there were long queues of people waiting to have their books signed by the willing authors. This chap had to sit while waiting . . .

A man with a white cap sits in the book tent at Hay
Book buyer waiting.

Normally I don’t like queueing, but my fellow audience members made for interesting subjects.

A girl makes up her cheese and biscuit lunch while standing in a queue
Eat as you queue

Week 21 – Abstract and Flight

I took my car to have the rear tyres replaced and set off for a coffee in my local supermarket.  While waiting I spotted this elderly couple sitting together and looking out of the window.  It was a special sort of moment, good or bad, and I snapped the scene.  I used a bit of processing to isolate the subjects further.  This was my 18-135 zoom on my Fuji X-T2.

A couple seated near a window
Dreaming, perhaps

And in the same week I took a favourite student of mine flying; it was her last flight and we enjoyed a celebratory photo afterwards.

Two pilots stand back-to-back in front of a white aircraft
Pilots young and old

Week 24 – The Garden as Backup

This was a sparse week for photos, perhaps because I forgot to take some, or perhaps because I didn’t happen across any likely subjects, animate or otherwise.  Anyway, here is a shot of oats, moving intentionally, but with a little colour to add interest:

Moving vegetation
Oats, lit and moving

And here is an osteospermum, at least partly in focus.  Well, the ribs of the petals appear to be and very attractive they are.  My excuse for not completing the job is that I’m on the road as I write this, using my MacBook and an incomplete copy of my 2017 photo library; the library is very difficult to maintain on two different computers, particularly when one is an iMac and the other a MacBook (admittedly the 2017 version, so quite powerful).  The catalog, in this case a Capture One catalog, is pretty large and takes a while to copy from one computer to another.

Purple flower, osteospermum