Week 41 – St Neots

I broke the valve stem off one of my bike tyres so visited St Neots for their bike shop (Broken Spoke).  While in St Neots I found the High Street closed off for a parade: the local Royal Air Force Air Cadets were being granted the Freedom of St Neots in a ceremony in the main square.  I had a look at the officials and the audience.

The audience and officials at a parade in the town square
Commander’s speech
The audience and officials at a parade in the town square
Being watched

On my way through town I noticed this couple on a bench; that could be me before too long . . .

Two elderly individuals take a rest on a bench in a town in England
The future

And here is a happy announcement, seen on the side of the road in the middle of the countryside:

A model of a stork announces the arrival of a baby on the side of the road
Happy Announcement

Week 40 – Polluting Traffic on our Street

You have about 2 minutes’ warning on our street when one of these highly powered polluters is approaching.  They whistle occasionally, but it’s the sound of the wheels, rubber covers barely effective at muting the trundle, that tells you a steam traction engine is not far away.  And although the smoke is probably much worse than most diesels on the road, the sight and sound of these machines are balm to the soul.

A steam traction engine approaches past a line of modern cars parked on the side of the street.
Gamlingay steam engine
Two men operate a steam traction engine
Gamlingay steam engine