Week 7 – Wildlife, History and Music

We had a talk from a member of staff of the Wildlife Trust of Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Northamptonshire (BCN) at our group this week.  The group is the Gamlingay Environment Action Group (geag.org.uk) to which we invite anyone who wishes to listen to these talk.  Jess gave a very interesting talk – made me rather proud to live in Cambridgeshire, actually.

Jess, of the Wildlife Trust BCN, explains some of her job to an interested member of the audience.







On my way home from flying at Wittering on Friday, I stopped briefly in Offord Cluny, an old village.  The old pub looks set to be lost to the social element of the village <sad face>.

Pub gable end with for sale sign.
The Swan in Offord Cluny













These are the old buildings opposite, house and gateway.

Gates and gateway.
Offord Cluny
Offord Cluny


And last night we went to a concert: Rumours Fleetwood Mac is a well-established “tribute” band and it was excellent!  My camera was at the limit of its capability, using ISO 6400, hand-held with its kit lens – Fujifilm X-T10 with 16-50 ƒ3.5–5.6 – but the shots seem to be acceptable for this size of viewing.  The colours at the time were as good as the music.

Rumours Fleetwood Mac – a technician makes final adjustments.
Rumours Fleetwood Mac – early years.
Rumours Fleetwood Mac – later years
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