Week 13 – Northamptonshire and flowers

I drove home from Wittering on Friday taking the long way.  It was a beautiful route through parts of Northamptonshire.  I’ve long flown over Oundle and wanted to visit; it’s a lovely small town.  Here is a café, with a variety of customers . . .

Oundle Café

I spotted several beautiful churches on the way, but this was delightful and was close to the main road.  It’s the Church of St Swithin at Old Weston

Church with spire

Country church with spire

Our garden is looking increasingly beautiful with the onset of Spring.  The gardener is keen on nature, and the tulips are looking great, as is a cherry tree (from which we harvest no cherries – the birds always beat us to it).

I’m giving Nature a Home3

Tulip composite

Cherry blossom

Cherry Blossom