2017 Week 2

I normally ask permission of someone like this before taking a photo, unless I think that they aren’t aware; this chap wasn’t yet playing and he was aware – hence the rather baleful stare, perhaps.

Cambridge – busker

I never tire of this scene.  I must have many instances, but this is the first time that I’ve adjusted the keystone distortion caused by a tilted camera.  I adjusted it in Phase One’s Capture One Pro (v10).

Cambridge Market

I admit that I was trying to catch a candid of this friend in the Pig and Falcon pub, in St Neots.  But I forgot that I had set my AF to Manual so he is out of focus . . .  my story now is that I was interested in the lists of beers in this excellent beer pub.  The current landlord has removed the kitchen and it is now a stills room where casks can be conditioned prior to tapping and pouring.  There are many beers here, something for everyone.

Person and lists of beer.
Lists of beer in the Pig and Falcon, St Neots

The last pig in the Pig and Falcon’s décor.

Pig and Falcon décor

The moon was full this week.  I took this shot of Shuttleworth House (where is housed the Shuttleworth Collection of historic aircraft) just before the full moon.  I think that the term is “waxing gibbous”.

Shuttleworth House
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