2017 Week 6

The weather has continued miserable.  I had occasion to drive across country and passed a massive earthwork; it turned out to be a reservoir, thronged with birds under a grey sky.  This is a camera panorama in which you might be able to see the “joins”, but it’s an effective depiction nonetheless.

Water and water birds under a cloudy sky
Wilstone reservoir




This is someone I know quite well; she is good at shopping, but this supermarket aisle demonstrates the complexity of the process of shopping, with so much choice that perhaps we don’t need.

Person in a supermarket aisle
Shopping, a complex affair










Detritus at a caravan park: several different organisations use the area, which is part of a working farm that has diversified, and no one keeps track of the discarded rubbish that builds up in the nooks a crannies of the different buildings and containers.

Refuse: traffic cone, signs, sink, metal etc . . .
Tents No Dogs

















Finally, during a visit to the local vegetable stall, again part of a working farm, I carried my camera and took a few photos of the stall.  The owner was interested and wondered if I would let him have a copy, so I got him to pose, perhaps a little awkwardly . . .

On the right is a photo of him with a massive cauliflower, next to today’s prices for the produce.

Vegetable stall
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