Week 27 – An English Country Fête

You’re not going to be bowled over at the excitement of an English Country Fête, particularly one at a very small village.  But it was very pleasant to visit Hatley in Cambridgeshire and see the sights brought together by a few dedicated people, drink some tea and find a cake or two to eat without guilt (I was supporting the locals, of course).

Hatley Fete
Hatley Fete
MG TD and couple

Week 12 – Children and Car Wash

I relented and had my car washed in the “Hand Car Wash” of the nearby village.  It wasn’t cheap, but at least it took little time from dirty to clean, inside and out.

Old car wash
Two men wash a car
The new way
BMW wash

I forgot to get a shot of the clean car, but over a week later I’ve made little mess on the car and the wheels look very good when they’re clean.

We had some relatives to stay for the weekend, some of them small.

Small girls
Laughter on the seesaw
Mono photo of a sleeping baby
A small boy asleep