Week 15 and Easter is here . . .

Easter for Christians consists of a culmination of the 40 days of Lent with a celebration of Christ’s death and resurrection.  It is the most important period of the Church’s calendar.  Our church, a Roman Catholic church in Biggleswade in the UK, celebrated the 3 days of the Triduum in fine style, but here is the simple cross on display after the Resurrection Mass.

The Cross of Easter

In the garden the flowers are blooming.  We have mixtures of tulip colours and the medley is very effective in adding glorious colour to the garden.

Tulip with droplets
Victoria and tulips –Zuiko 135/2.8-f4
Tulips — yellow_red_white_pink

And finally, here is a sight that pleases me greatly: my wife’s wonderful sourdough bread, with a little taken off to check that it’s still good  . . .

Sourdough bread
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