2020 Week 16 – Nature and People

This week was a time to wander the streets, just a little, and to get close and picturesque. In the streets I found a lady peering from her sitting room, a photo taken surreptitiously, but it shouldn’t offend her. I found attractiveness in dandelions, a weed against which I wage an annual war (but it’s too hot now and the ground too hard to do anything other than pull off the flowers to reduce the seeds.

Finally, there is part of a page from my logbook in 1978, showing sorties in various Hunter fighters –nostalgia is all that’s about.

A lady peers from her front room window.
Window Lady
The seed heads of two dandelion flowers
Dandelion Seeds
Dandelion flower in a glass jar
Dandelion Flower
Newly baked sourdough bread loaf next to a kitchen towel
An ultrawide photograph of woods, with sun shining between trees.
Wide Woods
White bungalow against a dramatic sky
White Wood Corner
Close-up photo of bluebells
RAF pilot's logbook showing flights from April 1978.
Logbook 13 Apr 78 – Hunter flying
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