Week 42 – London

I had occasion this week to travel to London for a talk at the Royal Aeronautical Society– on UAVs (“drones”) – given by an academic who has studied the effects of this sort of warfare on its operators.  It was an interesting talk, but one which made me glad that I have never had anything to do with such operations, directly at any rate.

I managed to grab a few photos while I travelled; I started with the scene of food wagons arranged on the forecourt of this near-derelict London Club, the “In and Out”, as it was called by some.  I’m glad that it is being used for something, but it’s a real shame that such a grand building is so neglected, particularly given the lack of affordable housing available in the country and in the capital.  Of course, if this were split into affordable housing some “entrepreneur” would sublet it for vast profit.

Lights and fast food next to an old building in London
Good use of an ex-club

After the talk I wandered back to King’s Cross, but only after I had visited the monument Wellington Arch at Hyde Park Corner.

Lights and monument at Hyde Park Corner
Night Monument

To get back to Piccadilly I used the subway where I found this small encampment. It provides the occupant with privacy and some comfort, perhaps, but it will not stop night revellers abusing the occupant; the comfort must be illusory . . .

A green tent in a subway passage.
Subway Tent

There is quite a contrast between the subway tent and the scene above ground; or with the scene at the recently-refurbished King’s Cross Square:

Lights and people at night at King's Cross station
King’s Cross Square
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