2017 Week 9

Again, Cambridge is a great place to find photos, even while you’re engaged on errands of any sort.  I had to visit for an eye test and heard this chap playing the piano on the top floor of the Grand Arcade.  He sounded very good . . .

man at piano
Cambridge – piano player



Then down to the opticians, where they were not ready for me so I wandered around the market (again).  The “gig economy” is in the news again, so I found it interesting that these three Deliveroo riders were at a loose end, if only for a short time.

Cambridge-delivery riders









And there was this quite dandyish individual running a flower stall.

man in hat next to flower stall
Cambridge flower stall



A wander around the smaller streets not far from King’s College or the market  often yields interesting scenes.

Lady in window of café




















Finally, on my way back to my car, here were two players of the piano; they weren’t as good, but they were having fun.  Note the single-buttock perch.

Cambridge –piano player












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